TSF ├ťyelerine ├ľzel ─░ndirimli Sat─▒l─▒k Oris Modellerini ─░ncelemek ─░├žin T─▒klay─▒n─▒z

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SD/HD Detayl─▒ Video Saat ─░ncelemelerini ─░zleyebilece─činiz B├Âl├╝m

Video ─░ncelemeler Hakk─▒nda Bilgilendirme

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TSF T├╝rkiye Saat Forumun'dan ├ťyelerine Bir Yenilik; Video ─░ncelemeler


BreitlingSource, PaneraiSource ve OmegaRolex websiteleri ve forumlar─▒n─▒n sahibi arkada┼č─▒m─▒z Nelson'─▒n video incelemeleri 1.5 milyonun ├╝zerinde hitle Youtube'da en ├žok izlenen ve be─čenilen video saat incelemeleri olma ├Âzelli─čini ta┼č─▒yor. Videolar─▒ amat├Âr kullan─▒c─▒lar─▒nda kolayca anlayabilece─či formatta ve s├╝re olarak optimum seviyede. ─░ncelemeleri kendi siteleri d─▒┼č─▒nda hi├žbir yabanc─▒ saat forumunda kullan─▒lam─▒yor.


─░lk kez incelemelerinin direk olarak sadece TSF'de (http://www.saatforumu.com/) kullan─▒m─▒na izin verdi. ─░lk etapta incelemeler ingilizce olarak yay─▒nlanacak, daha sonra gerekirse ekibimiz taraf─▒ndan T├╝rk├že altyaz─▒ uygulamas─▒ ger├žekle┼čtirilerek kendi serverlar─▒m─▒zdan yay─▒nlanacak. Videolar SD ve HD kar─▒┼č─▒kt─▒r. Ar┼čivimiz d─▒┼č─▒nda yeni gelecek t├╝m videolar ise yeni kamera ile HD olarak ├žekilecektir. Kendisine TSF olarak i├žerik ortakl─▒─č─▒ ve deste─či i├žin te┼čekk├╝r ediyoruz.

Youtube g├Âm├╝l├╝ videolara T├╝rkiyeÔÇÖden eri┼čemeyen ├╝yelerimiz DNS ayarlar─▒nda de─či┼čiklik yaparak izleyebilirler.
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Re: Video ─░ncelemeler Hakk─▒nda Bilgilendirme

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Gray & Sons Saat Tan─▒t─▒m Videolar─▒ TSF'de

Bir ay kadar ├Ânce USA Miami'de 30 y─▒ld─▒r m├╝cevher ve l├╝ks saat ├╝zerine faaliyet g├Âsteren Gray & Sons firmas─▒ M├╝┼čteri Hizmetleri Kordinat├Âr├╝ arkada┼č─▒m Rich ile g├Âr├╝┼čmem sonucu videolar─▒n─▒n TSF'de i├žerik katk─▒ orta─č─▒ olarak yay─▒nlanmas─▒ konusunda anla┼čt─▒k.

K─▒sa videolarda g├╝ndelik hayatta kolayl─▒kla canl─▒ olarak veya bilekte duru┼ču g├Âr├╝lemeyecek saatler bulunuyor. ─░kinci el konusunda ├Âzellikle Rolex ve High-End saat markalar─▒nda olduk├ža ├Ânemli bir sto─ča sahip olan Gray & Sons ayn─▒ zamanda antika ve yeni m├╝cevher sat─▒┼č─▒nda da ├Ânemli firmalardan biri. Videolarda da firma tan─▒t─▒l─▒yor ama k─▒sa bir tan─▒t─▒mda biz ekleyelim.


Only The Finest! Gray & Sons Jewelers is proud to be your Certified Preowned Watch & Estate Jewelry Specialist!

Certified Preowned Watches: They carry an incredible selection of Fine Swiss pre-owned watches that have been restored and certified to look and function just like new. With over 30 years selling high end timepieces to the public, you can trust Gray & Sons with authenticity, quality, and professional service. Many people consider preowned watches, used watches & second hand watches all the same. But a Gray & Sons watch is something different altogether. All our modern certified preowned timepieces come with at least a 1 year guarantee (2 year guarantee on all modern Rolex watches). Gray & Sons has one of the largest selections of preowned Rolex watches in the world.

Estate Jewelry: They are also one of the largest and most reputable sources for one-of-a-kind estate & antique jewelry and diamonds of all shapes and sizes. These estate jewelry pieces are all unique - you won't find them anywhere else.
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Re: Video ─░ncelemeler Hakk─▒nda Bilgilendirme

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KeepTheTime.com HD Saat Tan─▒t─▒m Videolar─▒ TSF'de

Yeni video i├žerik orta─č─▒m─▒z KeepTheTime.com Prensiplerimiz ve eme─če sayg─▒ gere─či gene anla┼čma sonucunda KeepTheTime.com HD saat videolar─▒n─▒n kullan─▒m─▒ kendi siteleri d─▒┼č─▒nda sadece TSF'de. Videolar─▒n g├Âr├╝nt├╝ kalitesi ├╝st d├╝zey ve saatleri ├žok ayr─▒nt─▒l─▒ bi├žimde g├Âsteriyor. Hemen hemen t├╝m Keep The Time saat tan─▒t─▒mlar─▒n─▒ HD 720P kalitesinde izleyebilirsiniz. Bir├žok merak edilen ve ├╝lkemizde sat─▒lmayan markay─▒ g├Ârmek a├ž─▒s─▒ndan da avantajl─▒ olacakt─▒r. Ayr─▒ca ikinci el saat al─▒m─▒ konusunda ├╝yelerimize her zaman yard─▒mc─▒da olacaklard─▒r. Kendilerine te┼čekk├╝r ediyorum.



Website Link: :arrow: http://www.keepthetime.com/

We're Here For You
Our Mission is to provide collectors with timepieces that they can cherish for years. As watch enthusiasts, we understand the concerning eye and needs of the collector as well as the customer that wants one coveted piece. With integrity always in mind we hope you can enjoy your purchase and revel in the fact that years tradition and cumulative practice helped produce such a piece of beauty for your wrist.

An Established and Fast Growing Company
KeepTheTime opened its online store in 2008, based out of Western Pennsylvania, USA. Thousands of watch enthusiasts from around the globe visit us each week to browse our online showcase. The word continues to spread as we continue to grow and improve in every possible way.

Authenticity Guaranteed
We specialize in high-end, luxury watches and jewelry. At KeepTheTime, everything we sell is 100% authentic. We do not buy, sell, or trade replicated watches or jewelry of any kind. All of our watches are purchased directly or indirectly from Authorized Dealers.

Competitive Pricing
Because of our extensive and solid relationships with watch collectors and dealers from around the world, we have access to a wide range of exotic and luxury timepieces. This allows us to pick and choose the best watch deals for our clients. Since our clients typically pay by bank transfer or cashier's check, we are able to apply the savings directly toward the price of your watch. In other words, we don't inflate the bottom line to cover our overhead.

Personalized Service
We value our relationship with clients like you. Without you, we wouldn't be here. We put a lot of effort into describing our products the best we can; ship as quickly as possible; and promptly return messages. Our effort sincerely pays off as majority of our sales come from repeat business.

Fast Shipping/Professional Packaging
We know the hardest part about buying a watch online is waiting for it to arrive in the mail. At KeepTheTime we work hard to ship your watch the same day your payment clears. Each item is packed with care and handled as if it is our own "grail" watch. You can find more info about our shipping policies in our website.

Global Reach
We serve watch collectors all over the world and sometimes we even work late so we can communicate with our overseas customers. KeepTheTime is proud to have a large international client base and we ship watches worldwide. We only accept bank transfer for any international order over $2,000. Please consider that international delivery times and any potential import charges are beyond our control. Please read our shipping policies.

We Buy and Trade Watches
We are working toward expanding our inventory everyday. Many of the items that fill up our homepage showcase are watches that KeepTheTime has bought, traded, or we are selling on consignment. If you have a watch that you don't wear anymore or need some extra cash, use the Sell/Trade form to give us the details.

Our Promises to You
# All of our products are guaranteed authentic.
# Our watches are purchased directly or indirectly from Authorized Dealers.
# We do not sell replicated watches or jewelry of any kind.
# Any watch that comes with a manufacturer supplied serial number will retain that serial number.
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